March 12, 2012
Ease Your Knicks Stress With Linsane Mary Jane

By Sam Dwyer

The Knicks have lost 5 in a row and 8 of their last 11. As a team, they still lack a consistent identity. Offensively, they’re out of sync. Defensively, Walt Clyde said it best during the Bucks game on Friday as he exclaimed, “The Knicks! With the Teflon D, not sticking with their man!!” 

As their roller coaster season takes another sharp dip, the Knicks’ paper-thin playoff chances have a lot of New Yorkers stressed out.  Here to help ease their worries is some of the finest Linsane Mary Jane in the game.  Rick Ross aka The Teflon Don discovered it himself and made a point to tweet it out for the world to see.  Take a look.

While I highly doubt Jeremy endorses this stuff himself, you never know…maybe it will help calm his erratic on-court decisions. At the same time, it looks like Amare and Melo might want to consider laying off it. They’ve brought the words lethargic and indifferent to a lot of minds lately…